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Feb 14, 2007 05:23 PM


what side dishes would you serve with it?

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  1. I like garlic mashed potatoes and green beans sauteed in butter and and slivered almonds (and a bottle of Zinfandel).

    1. that's so funny, it is exactly what i was thinking-thanks

          1. re: winebarb


            Apps: Crab cakes and/or Roasted beet salad w feta

            Dessert: If there is room, an apple tart with cinnamon ice cream

            Does that work ?

          1. Small red potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts and mushroom caps, braised in the pan with the meat.

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            1. re: ChinoWayne


              For apps, matzah ball soup or gefilte fish :) ... guess I associate brisket w/ passover.

              Dessert- honey cake, apple cake, and/or kichel.

              1. re: Emme

                Yeah, but I don't wait for Pesach to have my brisket, just cool weather.

                1. re: ChinoWayne

                  Don't forget us Gentiles ! We enjoy a brisket every now and then !

                  1. re: TonyO

                    Absolutely no intention of excluding Gentiles, some of whom turn out some might fine 'Q from a hunk of brisket. (That's on the summer menu, bar-b-qued brisket, the braised brisket is on the fall/winter menu.) In the case of the 'Q version, appropriate sides would be: cole slaw, potato salad, beans, corn on the cob.

                    1. re: ChinoWayne

                      Gentile here... why not mix the two? grilled matzoh? Q on a bagel w/ bitter herbs? All kidding aside... sauerkraut with bbqed brisket could be delicious. wait... coleslaw... cabbage. potato salad... very germanic.... lots of german immigrants in TX. Something is going on here.

                      1. re: amkirkland

                        Except, once we go to Texas to eat brisket, we must follow the lead of the local 'Q purists, all sides, including sauce, are not on the table, just the meat! ;-)

                        1. re: ChinoWayne

                          Hmmm... as a native Texan I've go no problem with sides. Whether I'm gonna eat them is another question. And by all means don't put cream in my coffee for me and don't put sauce on my brisket. Now the wonderbread that gets thrown a meat plate like general mills is subsidizing the joint is a whole other deal. At least I can use it as a napkin and save a tree.