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Feb 14, 2007 04:42 PM

Breakfast near W. Broadway&Prince?

I need a cafe for breakfast on a Saturday in walking distance from W. Broadway & Prince where I can comfortably sit alone from 10am until 11am and eat and read a newspaper while I wait for the shops to open.

Price doesn't matter, but I would really prefer more than just coffee and pastries - a menu with good "real" food like eggs or yogurt and fruit would be perfect.

Does this exist? Thank you!

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  1. When I have visited New York, I recall great breakfasts at The Cupping Room Cafe: and Jerry's: They are both in Soho. Enjoy!!

    1. baltazar has a good breakfast.

      1. I've always enjoyed NoHo Star for breakfast, on Lafayette and Bleecker, a short walk away from SoHo shopping. Very relaxing, nice menu, good service....

        1. Balthazar is great... so is Sliver Spurs on LaGuardia and Houston, different kind of place though.