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Feb 14, 2007 04:36 PM

BYOB...preferrably Italian

Looking for a new BYO...have exhausted Cube 63, Tartine and Ivo &lulu....any new rec's would be fabulous.

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  1. Last time we went to Falai Panetteria (Bakery) it was BYOB. Pretty darn tasty food. Across the corner from the original Falai. Double check if still BYOB.

    Falai Panetteria
    (212) 777-8956
    79 Clinton Street

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    1. re: cheftamara

      I ate at Falai Panetteria about a month ago and it was definitely still BYO and definitely still very wonderful as well. It's much more a like cafe that serves small italian plates, so don't go with the expectation of getting traditional italian dishes.

      There's also a good wine store down on Clinton closer to Houston that's we usually stop at to pick up some bottles, something to keep in mind if you don't already have one set aside.

    2. I read that Tribeca Grill is starting up BYOB on the Monday front (montrachet replacement anyone?) but it's more american rather than italian.