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Feb 14, 2007 04:31 PM

Seeking NYC restaurant recommendations

Hi all,

I am a Montreal foodie who's planning a trip to your city in April. That's how serious I am about food, I am starting my research months ahead. I have been to NYC numerous times but always failed to try out any restos. I have mainly eaten in Chinatown or grabbed a quick bite somewhere. This time, I am hoping to find some really delicious restos and watering holes that you guys always go to.

I am looking for places that serve:
a) fresh seafood ie. lobster roll since we don't really have that in Montreal
b) fine french dining since there's so many places here
c) local favourites that you think it's worth a visit
d) a good bar/pub for food and drinks
e) japanese

I am keeping an open mind so the price range can vary. I am not really looking for famous nor trendy places, the only requirements I can think of are a comfortable atmosphere, unpretentious service and obviously, food to write home about!!

I am looking forward to seeing your suggestions, thanks again and if you ever pass by Montreal, I will be happy to help.


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  1. some of my favorites. by the way i love montreal. ate at aix which i loved on my last trip.
    lobster roll- ranking
    1. pearl oyster bar
    2.mary's fsih camp
    3.mermaid inn
    fine french dining-not my thing. i would defer to others
    you may like picholine on uws
    1. sushia yasuda -wow
    2. sushi of gari(small, but great!)
    1. spotted pig-don't be fooled by the place. the chef is for real. "gastropub" . of many places that opened with pub feel and serious food
    others non categorized i love!
    casa mono
    the tasting room
    gramercy tavern
    prune(tiny "foodie" haven with creative menu)
    a voce
    cafe gray(time warner bldg. with views)
    degustation (tapas that are filling and creative. sit with wesley the chef and he'll serve you with his wife. trust him). I really love his cooking and his place. also a very nice guy)
    i have many more spots if need be.
    it's fun to share my passion with montreal a city i love.
    good luck
    i think this list should start you. interested to see others submissions
    please follow up and tell me where you go

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      jsmitty couldnt be more on the money. my favorite breakfast is at Barney Greengrass though. great liver, smoked fish and eggs

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        I am sorry but I keep on bombarding you jsmitty, with questions. Sushi Yasuda sounds great for raw fish but how about Aburiya Kinnosuke for low-key cooked japanese? Is it a good place? Or do you prefer another place?

      2. Japanese is 'way more than sushi. May I suggest M├ęgu?

        1. yes megu is good. big ny event

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            I have to say all the above recs are great except Megu. Very overpriced for the food quality and size. Better Japanese- En Japanese Brasserie (little upscale) Le Mui ( great sushi no atmosphere)

            Cafe Sabarsky- great for the desserts, atmosphere and view.

            For a pub experience I suggest McSorley's for an old school atmosphere and then onto Jimmy's No. 43 on the same street for food and good beers or up a couple blocks to everything else mentioned- Casa Mona,Union square, Gramercy.

            If you really want a casual good burger- Molly's on 3rd avenue-- great!

          2. Hi all,
            Thanks for your replies, will update you on my visit. I forgot to ask for recs for:
            -fun cheap eats (every city has these places)
            Thanks again and I really appreciate it.

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            1. re: Ani

              Lunch- go to nice restaurants with cheap prix pix menus. you can save a buck or two
              Brunch- Clinton St Bakery, Balthazar, Barney greengrass, Cookshop
              Cheapeats- of course grays papaya, anywhere in chinatown, havana chelsea has pretty good cuban sandwhiches for $5

              And make a stop at Blue Ribbon for dinner if you have a chance

            2. lunch-
              fatty crab(can go for dinner, but i love it for lunch)
              bouchon bakery (the best bread you willever have)
              brunch-barney greengrass
              good enough to eat
              (i am partial to upper west side)
              union square cafe
              cafe sabarsky (views of central park from 5th avenue and an austrian museum inside) get the streudel. to die for
              payard (upper east side)
              chickalicious( i thought it to be a little prenetious, some like it)

              nicky's vietnames sandwiches
              joe's pizza(carmine st)
              mamouns falaffel
              an israeli tiny joint on macdougal st.who makes little sandwiches i wish i remember the name
              it's called something press. can someone help me here? it is literally a hole in the wall where they serve you from a counter.
              grays papya( a very ny thing if you like hot dogs) they are all over the city

              good luck again

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                "an israeli tiny joint on macdougal st.who makes little sandwiches i wish i remember the name it's called something press"

                Press Toast

                1. re: jsmitty

                  Are you sure that it is Israeli? There is shawarma place there called Ali Baba, could that be what you're thinking of?