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Feb 14, 2007 03:49 PM

Duck's Eggs

Where can I buy them fresh in the East Bay?

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  1. Art Davis sells them at the Berkeley Farmers' Market on Tuesday and Saturday. Very fresh. He doesn't always have them, but I believe I saw them last week. You can always ask him when he'll bring some in next. He's the older, African-American gentleman selling eggs and pies.

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    1. I see them in the farmers' market in Old Oakland on Fridays. (9th Street between Broadway and Washington.) Some of the shops in Oakland Chinatown sell them, too.

      1. How about in San Francisco? I have seen them once or twice at New Mei Wa on Clement, but anywhere else? A friend sometimes brings them for me from somewhere in Marin, but they seem devilishly hard to find...

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          The Saturday Alemany farmers market has them in SF

        2. I have bought them at Berkeley Bowl a couple of times. They usually have them at New May Wah in SF on Clement, so they may have them at one of the big Asian markets in the East Bay to.

          1. Cidre Loche has them and sells them on their website, and you could check with them about which farmer's markets they will be at this year. They have delivered to my house before.