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Feb 14, 2007 03:07 PM

good eats near the Palace Theatre

Going to be in London for the first time ever, seeing Spamalot on March 22; any suggestions for good pre-show dining near there? Any other suggestions for London eats are welcome also, thank you! We'll be there for 3 days, staying in Kensington.

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  1. Just walked by there 2 days ago.. here's a preview if the photo attach works. That's a very wide area you have to choose from for pre-theatre dining. I'd do a big tea at Brown's then walk it off getting to the show. Chinatown is also nearby or something in Piccadilly. Names will appear....

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      Thanks for the pic and the tea recommendation, it looks like a cool theatre.

    2. Well, you are really in the middle of everything there from Atelier De Joel Robuchon, The Ivy and J Sheekey's to a £5 bowl of noodles at Wagamama

      Depending on your time schedule, I really like to go to one of the old school places nearby

      Mon Plaisir is a real old London Stalwart and does a decent pre theatre menu

      You are also less than a block from the heart of SOHO where there are a myriad different places most of which will not need a reservations.

      I quite like Little Italy on Frith St next to the legendary Bar Italia ( from which I was once ejected for suggesting that Rocky Marciano was a bum - but that's a whole 'nother story) If you want to be a real SOHO'ite, you should also stop for a pint in either The French House or The Coach & Horses.

      Your are also very close to Chinatown. A lot of the places are to be avoided but the hot pots at Fung Shing on Gerrard st are worth stopping to try

      Finally, I really like The Cork & Bottle which is another old stamping ground for Londoners. It is in a dubious location on the edge of Leicester Square between a crappy Fish & Chip shop and a sex shop which specialises in Spanking movies ( er... so I hear, ahem ) Descend into the basement and you find a cheery room with decent but basic food and the best wine list in London.

      Hope any of this helps


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        awesome, thanks! Spanking movies, eh? Well I suppose if the wine list next door really is the best......

      2. I'd second Mon Plasir. I also like Boulevard Brasserie.

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