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Feb 14, 2007 02:22 PM

The Reincarnation of Taqueria Chihuahua - MAJOR LETDOWN

As I promised yesterday, I was finally able to give the new place a try today. As I walked in, it looked like they were able to transplant some of the tables/benches from the old place. Unfortunatly, that's where the similarity ended...

No more nachos, enchiladas, red chile burritos. Just regular taqueria food - soft tacos & burritos. Oh, and there IS a quesadilla. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

Wrong. I had an Al Pastor burrito that was nearly flavorless, I asked for no rice in my burrito, and instead was given extra rice, no beans. The whole thing was lukewarm, and there was nothing at all whatsover remarkable about the meat..

My companion had two tacos - one carne asada and one carnitas, and he remarked they were nowhere near as good as the old location.

I had hoped that one saving grace would be the side of salsa roja I asked for. The old Chihuahua's salsa roja ran a close second to Tacos por Favor. Not anymore - while it had some kick to it, it did not have the complexity of flavors that the old one did and was simply just passable.

So now what? I suppose after I get over the shell shock of the utterly mediocre meal I just had, I might just give it another try in a week or two, in the hopes they've worked out some things and perhaps get back in the old groove, but I'm not holding my breath. Too bad, they're literally across the street from my office, and I was relishing the thought of a closer alternative to Don Felix and Sanchez. Sigh...


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  1. I think you had the same problem with your burrito that I did with mine - too much starch relative to the meat. I had the carne asada in my burrito and I could barely taste it because it was loaded with rice and beans, and the tortilla was cold. I did have the al pastor in a taco and it was very flavorful. They need some serious quality control fast or they're not going to last a month.