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Feb 14, 2007 02:13 PM

restaurant w/ view part 2

so i think i've narrowed it down to:

- panorama
- toula (though it's a little out of the way, due to lack of a car)
- canoe

took off the 360 because i felt it was too touristy...but had some questions for the remaining choices:

- is the patio/open terrace at panorama open this time of year?
- canoe said that my chances of getting a table (for 2 at 515pm) by the window is slim...will that take away from the view? my main reason is to see the sunset (if it's not cloudy)

my alternative is going to panorama or the roof (at the hyatt) to see the sunset...and then going to another restaurant for dinner....decisions, decisions...

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  1. You do NOT want to be up on the Panorama patio at this time of year! If it is open, someone up there has a very dark sense of humour.

    As for Canoe... it's still worth a roll of the dice in my opinion as I have always had excellent meals there with very few hiccups, sunset or not.

    Why don't you go up on the CN Tower, watch the sunset, then go to Canoe for dinner after?

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    1. re: spades

      thing is, my reservation at canoe is at i'd probably be there for the, if i were to go up the CN tower...i might as well have dinner at the 360 too...

    2. Canoe is still number one.

      No way is Toula worth the inconvenience.

      Hyatt bar is old-world charming.

      Panorama has better view - but, quite frankly, the atmosphere is weird. I don't think they ever really found their vibe and the place seems lost.

      If you can't do Canoe, I'd say have a cocktail at the Hyatt and head to Caren's Wine Bar for dinner (check out recent threads on this board for more info).