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Feb 14, 2007 02:13 PM

Dinner up to $100pp

Hey Chowhounders,

I know this is a redundant question, but I have an hour to make a birthday reservation (for 2 weeks from now, on a Wed or Thurs) and I need a few suggestions for where I might be able to get a reservation. I'm looking for something nice, up to $100 per person and not a steakhouse.

Any suggestions along with ballpark prices would be much appreciated.

Sorry for such a boring question!


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  1. what neighborhood do you prefer and type of cuisine...otherwise its an endless list.

    1. Picholine on the west side near Central Park doesn't get the kind of press the celeb chef places do, but it's one of my favorites. Fantastic food, nice warm setting. Depending on the wine you select, you might be able to keep it to $100pp. If you go, be sure to do a cheese course.

      1. Here are a few possibilities:

        Urena - Creative Spanish-inspired cuisine -

        L'Impero - Modern Italian cuisine -

        Hearth - New American cuisine with an Italian tilt -

        1. Inertia has prevented me from making a reservation, but I still have a week to go. I'm sorry for not being more specific. Ideally, I'd like something on the Upper West Side or nearby as I'm going to be my grandmother.

          Anything ethnic is great, fusion, Italian, etc. Really I'm open to any type of cuisine but am less interested in steakhouse type of places.

          1. some of the upper west side hit list in my view are follows
            ouest(tom valenti is creative, yet oriented toward accessible, highly flovored comforty food)
            telepan(i loved the dish with scrapple) the former owner chef at JUdson Grill
            jean georges (either naugaitne room more casual or regular dining room)
            they are all winners! i love them all almost equally
            you will spend with wine or alcohol approx. $60-70

            start there if you need more let me know