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indian groceries in calgary

I'm wondering about a good place to find indian spices and other groceries in calgary.

also - can pooris be bought ready made? i'm wanting to make dahi poori but the poori sounds difficult to make....

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  1. I don't do much (okay, any) Indian cooking, but a general first step would be to get in your car and start driving north and east. I do know that the Sunridge Superstore appeared to have a pretty wide selection of spices (hey, all I wanted was candy-coated fennel seed), and there's at least one, perhaps more, spice-sari-and-Bollywood type places in the mall around the intersection of McKnight and 52nd St.

    1. Sunridge Superstore is the first place that came to my mind too. Do everything in your power to avoid going on a weekend though; it can get mighty insane in there.

      We make Indian food at home often (with spices we brought back from India) but we gave up on the breads (naan, pooris etc.) fairly quickly because they’re tough to make. Many grocery stores carry prepared naan in the same part of the store at pitas and tortillas and stuff. Warmed in a frying pan, they’re almost as good as freshly made.

      I’d like to hear if you have more success with pooris then we have had.

      1. Pants, you're not asking about West Indian style dahlpuri are you? If you're interested, you can get them in bulk at Tropical Hot, 52nd St north of 17th Ave in Forest Lawn. Trinidadian owned place.

        1. There is a good spice store in the strip mall north of Winston Churchill. I'm not sure what poori is. I did a half day cooking course but that wasn't something we made. The teacher recommended the store by Churchill.

          I was also directed to a store north of 32 ave NE on the road that runs past Costco a few years ago by an Indian woman who worked for me. It's in a strip mall directly west of the big liquor store. It faced north. I think it was called something obvious like Spiceland or Spice World.I haven't been back for years as I no longer work in that part of the city.

          As an aside this woman said I could have asked them to open a bag of spices if I only wanted a little. I still have a very large jar of black mustard seed.I'm not sure I would have felt like doing that. The stuff is pretty cheap.

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            I also go to this spice store - great price on Spanish Saffron: I recall paying $10.00 for 5 grams. I can't think of the name, but it is in Dalbrent Mall.

          2. hi, does anybody know where i can buy a MASALA DABBA in calgary? it is an indian spice jar. you can put 5 different spices in it. thanks!

            1. Try Dalbrent Spicerack (Bay 132 - 3604, 52 Avenue N.W.) for Indian spices and other products.

              1. I am surprised no one has mentioned FALCONRIDGE. Do this, go to the corner of 52nd street and MckNight in the NE and you will be in Little India. There you will find tons of places with Indian groceries. Indian Pooris. There are a few type. For those who dont know, Poori is basically fry bread. However, there are a couple of type. There are small ones that are used in snacks (ie dahi puri - yogurt crisps) and these pooris are small and hard and crispy. I woudl suggest OK general food store or Fruiticana/Apna Punjab. They should have them Maybe 20 pieces for $2 or so.


                1. thanks for your suggestions everybody! I'm going to choose a couple recipes this weekend and get started. Rajbbhatt - I'm looking for the small pooris, that's great!!

                  if anyone is downtown and looking for a nice little neighbourhood indian restaurant, check out Surya 101-1207 11 Ave SW (the entry is actually on 11 St.)
                  friendly service and the tastiest food, i always eat too much when i'm there!

                  1. Dear all,
                    I have recently moved to NW,Calgary from Toronto. Is there a Indian Grocery Store near Foot hills hospital ?

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                      The Superstore on Country Hills Blvd (near Sarcee Trail, not the one further east) has a lot of Indian food/spices. Not exactly close to the Foothills Hospital but it may be the closest. The spice store in the NW others have mentioned is Dalbert Spice Rack
                      3604 52nd Ave NW, Unit 132 (403) 289-1409. It is not ftoo ar from the Foothills.

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                        Thanks, I was in the North Land Mall 2 days back, missed this place. Do they have indian dall's and rice varities ?

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                          It's not attached to the mall but across the street. I've bought beans there and they had other stuff in bags so I assume they have rice.

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                            Yes, I've definitely seen different types of dal and rice there in dry form. It's in a strip mall across the street (52nd Ave) from Sir Winston Churchill high school and Simon Fraser junior high school.

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                            hi Are you talking about the superstore near the airport? Its quite far from Foot Hills takes about 1 hr to reach by transit.

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                            I don't know about places near the Foothills, but I have a map of places a friend recommended in the NE.


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                              Thanks , this looks interesting but a bit far from where I live, also I have to depend on public transit. I did visit the superstore that was previously mentioned but did not find some of the daal's, although it had many indian spices and other lentils.

                            2. Another good place to buy Indian groceries is at Naga Store:

                              Naga Store
                              107A-5403 Crowchild Trail Nw, Calgary, AB T3B 4Z1
                              Telephone : 403-207-5566

                              The store carries a lot of Indian goods as well as goods from S E Asia. I even found rojak sauce here! The owners are originally from Malaysia. Nice people.