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Feb 14, 2007 01:21 PM

Salty Soy Milk (xian dou jiang)

I know it sounds odd, but I'm hoping those of you familiar with this salty soy milk curdled with a touch of vinegar (a chinese brunch staple) can help me find a place to get this in the Boston area. So far I've only had bad ones (basically soy milk that wasn't curdled and had really bland).

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  1. Taiwan Cafe serves it at dim sum, saturday and sunday mornings. Theirs is excellent, but they often run out before 1:00 or so...If you can make your own, Mei Sum (Mix Bakery) usually has fresh soy milk, which is so tasty, that it would probably be easy to make, if you had a recipe. As an aside, a large cup of their hot soy milk is an excellent pick-me-up, without caffeine, in this weather....

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      Forgot to mention, theirs has a touch of chili heat to it, as well. they do the sweet version, but I'm not a sweet fan.

    2. I like the sweet version at New Shanghai (not sure if it's only on weekends or all week), haven't tried the salty one but the basic soy milk is very good. The fried crullers (you tiao) were excellent, and lighter and crisper than the version at Taiwan Cafe.

      In Newton, Chung Shin Yuan makes an excellent version (sweet or salty) and you tiao.

      Other places to look into: Wang's Fast Food (Somerville), Qing Dao Garden (Davis Sq.). I bet Shanghai Gate serves that one weekend too.