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Feb 14, 2007 01:14 PM

La Palapa, Lupe and/or El Parador

Am trying to find AUTHENTIC Mexican food. I have been to a lot of Mexican places and can't find one that I love besides Mercadito. Been to Rosa, Dos Caminos, Mexicana Mama, La Esquina, Los Dos Molinios, etc.

I have been told to go to La Palapa, Lupe and El Parador. Thoughts on those 3?

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  1. I'm a big fan of la palapa. i can't truthfully tell you how authentic it is, but it seems to be to me.

    1. Mexican food is my favorite in the world, and i have been seeking the best (ie: authentic) in the city. Besides going to Roosevelt Avenue, or up to 114th street - Please note that my family is originally from Mexico - if that lends any credibility. I suggest you go to La Palapa or El Parador. La Palapa is owned by a couple from mexico city and their food is excellent and pretty authentic (not perfect, but almost there) not to mention its a fun place to go. Their tacos are served the right (authentic) way and you wont find a "U" shaped hard tortilla anywhere!!!
      I do have to say that El Parador is amazing. When i go there (almost 3 times a month) - i only get the Mole Poblano- im sorry for not branching out but its the meal that reminds me of home and my grandmother! It is perfect. It comes out to your table in its own pot with some chicken stewed inside the mole, and then you get a side of very good rice but mediocre beans. The ambiance is nice too (hacienda meets new york) and the service is very friendly.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Mmm, I don't know what's authentic but I really like La Palapa on 6th ave & west 4th. I also recommend Burrito Loco & Mexican Radio. Yummm!

        1. No claim on what authentic is here, but I grew up in SoCal on Mexican food - it's always been one of my favorites - though it does seem to be pretty trendy these days.

          La Palapa is a favorite, especially for the huevos rancheros. The Chile Relleno has a bit too much egg for my taste, but is excellent. Their flavors are quite rich and their salsa verde is terrific as well.

          Lupe is exactly like the food I grew up with in SoCal - they even have refried pinto beans - not easy to find in NY. Flavors here, while still great, are not as rich and deep as La Palapa, Mexican Radio et. al.

          And there is a taco truck at 8th Ave and 14th at night which has EXCELLENT and authentic tacos - seconded by an friend who spends most of her working and personal time among and within the Mexican community in LA.