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Feb 14, 2007 01:04 PM

All' Angelo on Melrose- anyone been?

I've seen one Chowhound review on this newly-opened place....and I'm sending one of my very good friends there for Valentine's dinner tonight! She wanted to try someplace new so I got her the reservations but now I'm worried.....I hope it will be good! Any insight into this new restaurant?

Tuna Toast

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  1. I am not sure if you have been yet, but my parents and I went last night, and it was phenomenal!! We have tried so many new places in the past year, and few have been notable or even worth spreading the word about. Every dish was creative, and executed perfectly. I had the lobster salad to start; the meat was tender and the dressing was extremely pungent and tasty. Then my dad and I split two pastas, which were wonderful; the lobster and chitarra spaghetti, and the cavatelli with little neck clams and pesto. My mom had the veal, pork ribs, and sausage plate with braised kale...outstanding. No dessert, but they all looked tempting coming out of the kitchen. Prices are a bit high, but with all of the mediocre Italian restaurants in this city, I am not too against paying that much for wonderful Italian food...made me feel like I was in Italy again. And, if you are a westsider...definitely worth the trip out to Hollywood. Totally trumps any of the Brentwood/ Little Italy restaurants.

    1. How was the dinner? Now I realize its a few months late. I had a wonderful meal there: the pasta, the calamari, the desserts/flan and polenta cake..
      let me know