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Portland, ME lunch spot during week

My friend and I are looking for a place to have lunch in Portland, ME tomorrow (Thursday). I have been to Duckfat several times, so I probably don't want to do a repeat of that. Any suggestions? We want a casual atmosphere, good wine list, and great food.

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  1. Try Portland's Restaurant and Bar on 100 Commercial Street near The Custom House

    1. My recommendation would be Walter's on Exchange St.

        1. I second the Walter's vote. A great place to treat yourself to a nice lunch during the week.

          1. Walter's it is. I've always wanted to try it, and it slipped my mind! I'll let you know how it goes. We are also trying out SOAK, the foot pampering/tea house place off of Congress. Should be an interesting day!!

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              I hadn't been to Walter's for a long time, but had lunch there last week and it was very good. Some great salads. I had what's called "chop-chop", an asian-inspired salad with chopped greens and other veggies, chicken, and a crunchy topping (slivered wontons, I think), tossed with a nice thai'ish dressing. I was tempted to try the classics--cobb or nicoise--but I was happy with my selection. Lots of other great choices for lunch, too, if you are not into salads. The other place you could try for lunch is up the street at Natasha's, which has been around for some time. Local foodies are giving it a bad rap these days, but frankly, I have rarely been disappointed there. My husband and I wandered in one night about a month ago and had a good martini and very well prepared meal. I like Natasha's for lunch in particular.

            2. SOAK actually has a pretty pleasant light menu (salads, sandwiches, desserts), and they'll serve it to you while you're soaking your feet!

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                  It's in the Monument Square / City Center brick area.

                1. Try Flatbread Pizza Company. They're at 72 commercial street across from
                  the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal. I've been there before, and their pizza is great!
                  I don't remember too much about the prices, but here's the link: http://www.flatbreadcompany.com/

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                    Sorry it took so long to get back to you guys. Thanks for your suggestions! Walter's was great, and Soak was great too. Soak's kitchen was closed the day we were there, but I had an excellent tea drink (similar to Chai) that was out of this world. I will go back there just for the tea drinks. They have a really extensive tea menu.

                    I have tried David's and Duckfat, and love them. I especially like Duckfat's meatloaf panini with carmelized onions. Yummy!! Flatbread is on the list . . .