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Feb 14, 2007 12:44 PM

Steak in Tribeca: Wolfgang's or Dylan?

I am looking for a fabulous steak place in TriBeCa for next weekend. I have not been to either of these places and would greatly appreciate any guidance about which one to pick, as they both sound really good to me. If it makes a difference, side dishes are as important to me as the steak itself, and I love a good cocktail (all types).

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  1. Live in the the neighborhood but I haven't gotten to Wolfgang's yet, though I've been to Dylan a number of times. It has great atmosphere, incredible drinks, nice sides & apps and have a unique approach to their steaks with sauces and chappeaux (basically baked on toppings). Their steaks arent the best in the city, but i've never been disappointed but my night there.

    1. i really like wolfgangs. i think it is as good as sparks,lugers and strip house. some may disagree with me

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        Do you think the TriBeCa Wolgang's is as good as the original?

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          I wouldn't touch Dylan with a ten-foot pole. The steak is decent, the sauces are fine and everything else, including the service, is pretty mediocre. Wolfang's Tribeca, imo, is just as good as the original and there is a lot more space so it is more comfortable than 33rd st.

      2. I love the ribeye at Landmarc in Tribeca, actually I enjoy most of the food there and they also have a great wine selection

        1. wolfgang's porterhouse is the closest one to lugers that i have tried within the city and they serve decent sides as well. just don't remember anything about the desserts!

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            What sides do you especially recommend?