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Feb 14, 2007 12:43 PM

Current thinking on non-stick

Are we supposed to use non-stick or not? Someone mentioned to me that teflon is no longer good for your health.

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  1. I'm no expert, mind you, but here;s my understanding: Non-stick pan surfaces can, and do, chip away w/ repeated use, and this is not something you're apt to want to digest in your omelette. I've got a few myself: An expensive one from All-Clad (gift) and a couple of cheap Wearevers. The AC surface, after about five years of heavy use, is shot. The Wearevers, about a year old, are still ok but they don't conduct heat nearly as well. I tend to use my well-seasoned cast-iron skillets for much of the same things I would use a non-stick.

    Were I buying a non-stick pan, I wouldn't buy an expensive pan...I'd go less rather than more expensive, since the surface is not built to last.

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      I hope you do realize that All Clad has a lifetime warrenty which they do honor...they should replace your pan no questions asked...give it a try

    2. If you're worried about teflon, you may want to look into Scanpan ( It's a ceramic/titanium mix and you can use metal utensils on it. I've had mine for about 4 yrs and it still looks good. Another bonus of it is that it's a tempered handle, so you can throw it in the oven if needed.

      1. A few years ago I replaced most all of my pots and pans with a nice set of All Clad, keeping my "everyday" Caphelon pan and a non-stick omelet pan. This post reminded me that my omelet pan needed to be replaced.

        Today I purchased a small Lincoln Wear-Ever non-stick pan from a commercial supply place. The label reads: "The best non-stick coating. Period. Incredible durability for long lasting performance. Four times more durable than competitor coatings. Superior Scratch Resistance. Unique, ceramic reinforcement results in the hardest scratch resistant, Non-Stick surface available for commercial use. Exceptional release qualities. Special top-coat gives CeramiGuard@ II exceptional release qualities. Hardest 3004 Aluminum Alloy. Few dents, not spots and burned food incidents." The price was just under $39.00.

        I would love to do away with all Non-Stick pans, but just can't seem to do it. Hopefully this one will last.

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          Windor - my old CIA-trained chef roommate had Wear-Ever's his mom handed down to him. I used them all the time...loved 'em. Think you'll get some years with that pan.