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Feb 14, 2007 12:37 PM

Batifole - Wow!

A bit of a delay, but we went to Batifole for Winterlicious and were beyond impressed. We knew that trying it for the 1st time during Winterliscious would be risky, but have always felt that restos should see it as an opportunity to show their stuff.

The regular and Winterliscious menus were well thought out. 3 of us had the prix fixe, and one ate from the regular menu. The service was relaxed and excellent. The wine list was affordable and interesting, and the food was just great. Decor was relaxed and comfortable. To top it off, they served us 2 side orders of each frites and salad that was INCLUDED (!!) in the prix fixe price of only $25 pp. This was a nice contrast to other very skimpy Winterliscious offerings elsewhere (Eduardo's for one.....).

We had:
Terrine de canard - served with gherkins and crispy baguette slices - absolutely lovely; Celeriac soup, and Crab soup (the latter was only so so as the complaint was it was way too rich for the portion size).
Main: The 3 PF folks had the fish: a combo of striped bass and salmon in a lobster infused sauce presented in a small dish all baked together - YUM! The frites and salad were also excellent as sides (& plentiful!). The regular menu CH had the cassoulet - it was also terrific.
Desert: All had the creme brulee which was lovely.

We all can't wait to get back. I wanted to post this as a hopeful message to other restos that participate in Winterliscious - what we, the "first-timers", want is a reason to go back and pay full-price! Thanks to Batifole to adding 4 new regulars to their list!

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  1. this is a great review -- thank you for posting it.
    glad to hear winterlicious worked as it should for Batifole

    1. Not impressed- no offense to everyone who's posted here, but I had the Angus Strip loin, with marrow on the side...

      I think the attractiveness of this place is that you get a good meal for the price point - quite honestly."

      Thanks again all!

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      1. re: bluesbreaker1969

        Personally, I LIKED the fact that the menu was not classical French and tried to be a little more innovative while relying on basic French cooking concepts.

      2. first of all, i love this site!
        went to Batifole for the first time on Sat after reading about it on this board. i am so glad i did. the food was very good.
        started out with the charcuterie plate, which had a slice of foie gras, prosciutto, this pulled pork dish, and a blended macademian nut/truffle thing. all was very good. and for $8!
        my gf had the mussels which she really liked, but i thought was a little on the salty side.
        the bread was really good. i will admit, that i like bread to begin with, but even my gf enjoyed the bread and she usually avoids it. it was nice and warm with a very crisp crust. as well, it had a nice salty taste added to it.

        for mains, i had the horse tartar and my gf had the salmon/dory dish. both were very good, but i really liked the horse. it was made with a really nice blend of spices that wasn't overpowering. the coarse mustard was a nice touch too. a side of fries was also very good. crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

        also tried star anise liquor for the first time and enjoyed that too (but i also like black jelly beans)

        the service was very friendly and accomadating.

        overall, i'm very happy i went there. my gf already wants to go back next weekend.

        ps. we had beef cheeks at La Palette on NYE and it was very delicious. it was only my second time trying it and now i'm on the lookout for other places that serve it. (my first time was at West in Vancouver)