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Feb 14, 2007 12:08 PM

Hip, good food, no reservation for Friday night..ideas

Looking for a place with yummy food, hip atmosphere that a party of 4 lovely women can go friday or sat night night...

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  1. kittichai
    en japapese brasserie
    stanton social
    blt or blt steak
    buddakan (hard rez)
    thor(more atmosphere than i liked)

    some ideas off the top of my head

    all not necessarily transendent, but very good and all have i think the atmosphere you seek.
    good luck

    1. supper is a good option - probably will be a wait about an hour on friday night, but good wine bar to wait at

      1. August, Freeman's and the Spotted Pig will fit all your requirements but, the wait can be a killer if you go there on the latter side..after 6:30pm specially now that it gets dark early.

        cookshop is a good place as well and there's normally an available table on opentable around 6pm and en japanese will work too and they have a newish bar section up-front specializing on flavored shocu (sp?) drinks (like infused vodkas) that can be a fun place to chill while waiting for a table...though I don't think getting a table for 4 will be a problem there.