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Feb 14, 2007 11:59 AM

kitchen gadget store

What is your favorite kitchen gadget store in Manhattan? I am hoping to find a cheap place that has a large assortment of decent tools and equipment...

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  1. Upstairs at Zabar's is fabulous as is Broadway Panhandler...and, of course, Bridge...

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      Bridge is my favorite, but the others are wonderful as well.

    2. Bridge Kitchenware on the East Side; Broadway Panhandler on Eighth St. near Bway; Bowery Kitchen Supply in Chelsea Market--these all have gadgets, but they're not cheap; Bed Bath and Beyond has perfectly passable kitchen stuff, though I wouldn't make a "big" purchase there unless I knew the item and it was on sale.....; and I'm sure that poking around on Canal St. would get you cheap stuff, but I'd wonder about quality.

      1. I've found some good items at the restaurant supply stores on Bowery (b/t Houston and Delancey).

        The places are hit-or-miss, but fairly cheap and you can get some decent standard items (cutting boards, condiment dispensers, strainers, pots/pans...). You're not going to find Le Creuset or Wusthof here, but you'll find a cheap teflon pan you can get some good use out of.

        1. Bridge and a Chinese store onwest side of Bowery one or two blocks south of Canal. I forget the name. They have great quality woks of all sizes and makes and wonderful accessories, again of all sizes and makes (materials). Can someone help me with the name por favor?