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Feb 14, 2007 11:49 AM

Best Unique Food Shops in DFW

Hi. I'm 90% sure we are moving to DFW in June. I'm currently living in NYC and love all the little unique food shops like Italian delis, cheese shops, Middle Eastern food markets, etc. What are your favorite unique food stores in Dallas?

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  1. Richardson. Really, I'm not kidding. I live near 3 Indian grocery stores and on the other side of 75 are a couple of middle eastern stores.

    1. My favorites are Jimmy's (Italian - East Dallas (especially their homemade meatballs and sausage)), several asian places on Walnut in Richardson and Garland (e.g., Hiep Thai, Hong Kong) as well as the Indian places mentioned; Kuby's for German wurst and other sausages (Snider Plaza in Highland Park); Mozzarella Company and Rudolf's on Elm in Deep Ellum for (respectively) handmade cheeses and fresh meats (Rudolf's also smokes turkeys and hams). Fiesta markets carry staples for Mexican food (and pretty cheap prices on produce). Chichen Itza bakery is good for Mexican pastries. There are a few places for fresh seafood - Seabose and TJ's come to mind. Simply Victoria is right about Richardson - lots of shops in that area.

      1. Basically there are a great number of Indian and Chinese stores of sundry sizes. There is one Italian Deli in DFW. There are a number of meat and fish markets. Then you have Central Market that fills the gaps. If you want some odd ball kind of mushroom or Spanish chorizo varient etc. they have it. There are several Central Markets scattered around DFW.

        There is of course no comparison between the specialty shops on every corner of the city and what DFW has.

        1. Check out this thread where I asked the same question.

          1. Shine's market on Beltline off of Preston rd, is a great place for mediterranean food, and euro deli on south east corner of arapaho and coit has great deli meats, cheeses, smoked fish, breads, kasha, candies, desserts, etc. . . the purveyors are russian and have a great selection of european specialties.

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              Shine's shredded beef and chicken dishes (forgot the name) are SUPERB!