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Feb 14, 2007 11:45 AM

Viva La Pasta

Simihound, You mention Viva La Pasta in your bio...where is this place, and what is good to order there? BTW, I think I know you. Does your wife and sister in law have the same name?

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  1. there is one in palos verdes, but it hasnt been worth a drive to get there since the early 90s

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    1. re: Bones25 is still open - i remember their sunday brunch back in the early 90' was awesome - beautiful weather....i think it cost $9 and it was great...

    2. Didnt there used to be one in the mini-mall on Olympic and Robertson?

      1. All the Viva la Pastas mentioned are gone, and no great loss. In Palos Verdes area try Neals in San pedro on 5th st. or the new Frascati in Ave of the Peninsula, or Il Toscano in Torrance on Hawthorne, in Hillside village.

        1. Viva la Pasta is in Wood Ranch, a sub created city of Simi Valley which is traditionally known for having bad restaurants. Wood Ranch is located between the 23 frwy-Fillmore and the 118-Simi Valley frwy. The restaurant has great food but what I just find amazing is the soups. The soups are always outstanding and no I am not a soup person. I am told they have a Sunday lobster brunch but I have yet to go in person. YES I know you. E-mail me at my e-mail on my bio. Viva La Pasta 805-522-4249 - 525 Country Club Dr Ste A, Simi Valley