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Feb 14, 2007 11:40 AM

Central Market (Seattle vs. Dallas)

Hi. I'm from Seattle which has a few Central Markets that are absolutely fantastic. Does anyone know if Central Market in Dallas is run/owned by the same folks as those in Seattle? I think Seattle's is owned/run/managed or sponsored in some way by Town and Country. Thanks.

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  1. Central Market is a Texas-based chain of markets owned by the HEB grocery store chain. I don't think it is any relation to Town and Country.

    1. Yea, the Central Markets in Texas are part of the H.E.B. chain. Having lived in Texas, Seattle, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Manhattan - i can confidently say that the H.E.B. Central Markets are the greatest grocery stores I have ever seen or been in, hands down. absolutely nothing - no green market, no ethnic market, no specialty butcher shop, fishmonger, you name it - nothing can compete with HEB Central Market. I miss it - a lot.

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        Now if only Dallas could get some regular HEB stores....

        1. re: donnaaries

          It is my most fervent wish that HEB replace Tom Thumb. I loathe Tom Thumb. It's just as expensive as Central Market but the produce isn't half as nice.

          1. re: donnaaries

            I've been thinking the same thing , Dnnaaries.......

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              HEB stores are successful because each store manager is able to cater to his/her local clients, in addition to the standard corporate-required stock. Which is why both Kroger and Safeway stores in San Antonio came and went. The old Safeway in my neck of the woods is now an Azteca store (Goliad/Walters/Southcross), while the old Safeway at Boerne Stage is now....wait for HEB. Not sure why the HEB hasn't moved further north on I-35 than (I think) Waco.

              1. re: YGBSM

                they have HEB in Abilene, which is technically farther north, but not on I-35. They must feel the market is saturated.

          2. 3 cheers for HEB stores to open in Dallas. I'll be first in line if they do.