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Feb 14, 2007 11:18 AM

Marco, Bacco or Antico Forno?

I want to make reservations in the North End at a place that we haven't tried yet. All of the above menus look like they would suit us. Can anyone recommend any one out of the three?

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  1. I havent eaten at Marco and Bacco, but Antico Forno is one of my favorite NOrth End locales! Its very authentic! They have great pasta and pizza dishes and its extremely casual and laid back! One of my favorite things that they make is linguine with clams. I haven't had it that good since the last time i was in Italy! Needless to say i LOVE that place and would highly recommend it!

    1. Another vote for Antico Forno. Most dishes made in their brick oven..very warm, homey and comfortable...however the menu is quite different from Marco's..and so is the ambiance. Just depends on what you're looking for.

      1. Toss up between Marco and AF. Marco has more atmosphere and maybe a slightly more innovative menu. It is also probably a little more expensive. Both are really good. Never heard anything particularly positive about Bacco's chow.

        1. I would not chose Bacco for dinner. They offer great mixed drinks and apps (esp calamari, bruschetta and antipasto) at the bar, which makes them well worth a pre-dinner visit, but the dining room is very loud and crowded, and the dinner fare is not the best. Not terrible, but not great.

          1. I'll toss my vote in for Antico Forno as well - if the caneloni is on the menu (can't recall if that was a special or not), it's worth trying. We went with a good sized group of people and I believe everyone enjoyed their meal.