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Feb 14, 2007 11:09 AM

Chinese BBQ Pork - how do YOU use it?

I found a really good prepared product at a local butcher where they bbq the pork on premises. So far, I've been eating it straight, and have chopped it up for fried rice. I'm afraid if I keep doing it the same way, I'll get sick of it. What other recipes/preparations would suit this ingredient? Thanks!

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  1. I love using it to make fried rice too!
    Also good w/scrambled eggs. ;) Toss chopped up bbq pork in a pan w/a little oil, heat it up, add beaten eggs, add some green onion, salt, scramble it up until the eggs are done and enjoy!

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      Ooh yeah - my mom used to make scrambled eggs with regular sliced onions and bbq pork. I usually use it for fried rice and to make glutinous rice.

    2. In soups and with stir-fried greens.

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        Similar to soup, it's also one of the common ingredients in "jook" or Chinese breakfast porridge.

      2. Barbecued pork buns (cha xiu bao) are wonderful. Also use to flavor such things as sticky rice in lotus leaves, or soup, or in Vietnamese spring rolls.

        1. BBQ pork with:

          Chinese greens
          Sweet and sour pork (chop into bite size pieces, dip in batter and fried)
          Bean sprouts

          1. I pile stir fried vegetables on top of Chinese noodles and top this with Barbecued pork and stir fried shrimps.