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Feb 14, 2007 11:09 AM

30th birthday help!

I am beginning a search for a place to hold my husbands 30th birthday party.......We need a place that can hold 50-100 people. I would love decent food, obviously does not have to be, nor do I really want a sit down type atmosphere. I know he would love something really cool, fun, different, etc....
So, if you have any ideas!!!! Help!


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  1. There are some suggestions in response to a similar question about a private room in this topic:
    You don't mention a location in your post. In that topic, the question was asked about places in the city and in Evanston. If your desired location is elsewhere, please let us know.

    1. thanks for the ideas...Actually in Chicago would be preferred or else I would be inclined to order party buses or something so people can actually enjoy themselves without the worry of driving.

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        Any particular part of the city?

        One place that is certainly unique is the Signature Room at top of the John Hancock Building, which has private dining rooms. Their food gets decidedly mixed reviews, but if the weather's clear, the view is wonderful. They have menus (including prices) for private events on their website:

      2. What about Dave & Buster's? The Goldcoast location has quite a few rooms and they do combine food and fun.