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Feb 14, 2007 11:02 AM

one night in disney

Hi, I am heading back to Disney, would like to know if any new resturants opened in the area or World. If not, where should I eat? Is Flying Fish worth the money? thanks, its great to know others love food too...Diane

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  1. I can't speak to Disney's dining scene; but having just made a recent repeat visit to Flying Fish, I can attest to the fact that both meals I've had there were very good. In fact, the more recent visit exceeded my memories of the first visit. From apps through desserts, all hits, no misses.

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      Thanks...I'm staying a night at Beach Club and I wanted to eat in that area. It was between Flying Fish and Blue Zoo. Any other suggestions?..

    2. I'd be inclined toward Flying Fish betwen the two. They hae a new chef who has worked a lot on the west coast and in Texas who has generated a lot of buzz.

      However, Il Mulino just opened in the Swan. Greenwich Village-based old-school Italian from the Abruzzi region with outlets in several cities <>. Pretty good Italian - they scored about 80 percent on the Bob-meter with a wonderful decor, great service and something new to talk about.

      Consider your options.


      1. I have dined at Flying Fish on my last two visits to Disney and both times the food has been great. My kids also enjoyed the food and atmosphere. The boardwalk is great for family's. After dinner there is a candy/ice cream store next door. Good ice cream, not great.