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Feb 14, 2007 11:01 AM

Looking for good Chacroute in SF

Just had a hankering for some good chacroute. Prefereably someplace that makes homemade saurkraut. Double bonus points if they have a good Alsatian/German/Austrian wine list.

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  1. Housemade choucroute, that would be nice. Outside of the occasional special at "slow food" places like Chez Panisse, I haven't seen it. I got some at Boulette's Larder.

    Here are some topics, I think a few are missing:

    1. I believe Choucroute is on the menu at Le Central (Bush Street, SF). You could also check to see if they serve it at Schroeders (Front Street, SF). I could not say whether either makes their own sauerkraut.

      1. Put yourself on the waiting list at Chez Panisse for Monday, January 26th:

        February 26
        Choucroute garnie à la Chez Panisse
        Alsatian dish of sauerkraut braised in riesling with house-cured Laughing Stock Farm ham, smoked belly, and Strasbourg-style sausages

        Good luck getting in.