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Authentic French

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It's cassoulet season, so i'm looking for a real french restaurant, along the lines of a Parisian Bistro or Brasserie. Not fancy stuff with an Asian twist, but classic French food--cassoulet, tarte tatin, steak frites, magret de canard. authentic is key. maybe a nice frisee aux lardons to start, then cassoulet, then tarte tatin, all washed down with a decent rose. does such a thing exist in LA? not too expensive, though that may be imnpossible. maybe maximillian's in the valley, or chez mimi, though chez mimi looked slightly pricier than what i was hoping for.

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  1. i heard la vie en rose in brea is supposed to be authentic.

    dunno personally though cuz ive never been there

    1. I've always had good times at cafe Stella in Silverlake with my french friends, they think it's pretty darn good.

        1. Before my first trip to Paris, i went to Chez Mimi in Brentwood and had their cassoulet. Tough to say if it was authentic, since i hadn't yet been to France, but it was pretty good - though a little rich for my then uncultured taste buds.

          1. I like pastis on beverly or le petit bistro on la cienega.

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                  La Cachette is quite good, but it is neither a Brasserie nor Bistro, not by a longshot.

                  The first place that comes to mind is one that I recently tried, after reading many favorable reports here on Chowhound: La Vie, located south on San Gabriel Blvd. in Rosemead, in a nondescript corner minimall. The menu is truly a greatest hits of classic French bistro food: canard a l'orange; steack frites; poulet au moutarde; coq au vin. And it's priced the way that kind of food should be priced. I think just about everything was under $20, which includes a cup of soup and green salad.

                  .There is a place in Pomona (!), called Brasserie Astuce. Surprisingly, they serve lots of traditional bistro-type dishes, and it's surprisingly good. Unfortunately, they recently revamped their menu and took off my two favorite dishes - cassoulet and choucroute garnie, but they do a nice job with other French classics.

                  Bistro De La Gare in South Pasadena comes closest to the mark, IMHO.

                  Mimosa, mentioned above, could fit the bill, if only the food were more consistent.

                  Cafe Stella, in Silverlake, except that it costs twice as much as it should.

                  Cafe Beaujoulais in Eagle Rock is a viable choice, too.

                2. It gets mixed reviews here on CH, but I like Brandywine on Ventura Blvd. I've been to L'Affair in San Fernando once and had a decent meal, and I've also had a nice time at Cafe Provencal in Thousand Oaks, though I assume that all of these valley recs are a bit far.