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Feb 14, 2007 10:47 AM

Anything new and exciting in Portsmouth, NH?

My mother and I will be heading up to Portsmouth this weekend, and with four nights we'll have the opportunity to try new places. Our current favorites are Jumpin' Jays and Pesce Blue, and we do plan to return to those, but if anyone has any recommendations for new or just much-loved places we may not know about, we'd love to hear. Ideally, they'd be in town, as we have a townhouse we'd much prefer to walk from, and we like seafood and local ingredients in general.
By the way, we also swear by all the food at Ceres Bakery, but as that is sadly closed on Sundays, we'd love to hear if there's any place all that gives Ceres a run for its money!

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  1. I'll be in Portsmouth for the weekend as well! :)

    I absolutely LOVE Lindbergh's Crossing and will be going there for dinner one night. The restaurant is changing hands, the chef has purchased it, but before anything changes I want to have one last amazing meal there. It's one of the my favorite restaurants in the country and the departing owners are fabulous guys.

    Isis on Penhallow is new and I've read good things. I'm going to check them out for a cocktail and snack. I like the look of their brunch menu so I'm thinking I'll catch that on Sunday.

    I'll also be chowing on steamers and lobster at Warren's at some point over the weekend.

    1. I second Warren's, I always recommend it to everyone, you'd think they'd put me on their payroll. : - )

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        What do you especially recommend at Warren's? Would you stick to lobster, or could you also go for, say, fried clams (another New England favorite of mine...) or other seafood dishes?

        1. re: Epicure

          Fried clams are good. Steamers are GREAT! People go bananas for the huge salad bar.

          1. re: kittychow

            Okay, if you don't mind sticking to the fried clams subject for a second, how good are they? For the record, my favorite fried clams are from Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale and the Clam Box.
            But if you had one night there, what exactly would you not want to miss?

            1. re: Epicure

              I would hesitate to call Warren's "new" or "exciting". It's one of those places that's been around forever, serving good, solid food--in this case lobster. The salad bar is large--everything from iceberg lettuce to pickled beets to baco-bits.

              There's a newish place called Dunaway which has gotten good press, though I have not eaten there yet:

              1. re: whs

                Just came from the Dunaway and it's too precious for serious foodies. It's like a joke on the diner, all drops of sauces and tiny portions. If you like real food, go elsewhere.

                1. re: wbarish

                  I can not believe that the Green Monkey is not in these posts! It is one of the great eats in Potsmouth! Also in terms of fried seafood, Petey's Summertime Bar is bar none the best on the seacoast! I walked in and promptly walked out of Warren's.

      2. Go across the State Street bridge into Kittery, hang a right about a block past Warrens and go to Annaka Jans (sp?).

        Another good spot is in Hampton, Hagan's Grill. It's on Rt27 (High Street), at the intersection with Rt1. Next door to Hampton Hardware, across the street from the jewelry store.

        Also on Hampton Beach, Ron's Landing is another favorite.

        All of these places are in the same league as Jumpin Jay's.

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        1. re: humin

          Highly recommend Anneke Jans and Lindberghs.... Dunaway is also new and very good... went to Warrens once and will never go back... salad bar is a joke and the rest of the menu is pretty weak, especially when you are talking about going to Pesce and Jays- both know how to create inspired fresh fish dishes...

          Flatbread has great pizza and their simple salads with goat or blue cheese are great...

        2. It's been awhile but I really was impressed with 43 degrees north!

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          1. re: gorgo

            The owners of 43 degees "downsized" to KNRs - not the same. Maybe for lunch.

          2. Although I haven't been there in a while, I concur with Lindbergh's Crossing. I also like Jumpin' Jays and want to try Pesce Blue.

            I read that 43 Degrees North is now KNR’s Wood Grill & Specialty Sandwiches, run by the same people. Probably not what you're looking for at dinner time, but maybe for lunch.

            I agree that it's great to stay in town and walk to dinner, but since you asked for new and exciting, you might consider MC Perkins Cove ( I've not been there, but it's on my list. That's Mark and Clark (MC) from Arrow's (Gourmet's #14 in the country this year). I believe it's where Hurricane used to be. Fantastic views, dress warm and get there for the sunset.