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Nice cafes to chat in Westchester?

Can anyone recommend a nice cafe to chat in Westchester, with tasty coffee or desserts or nearby pedestrian shopping/browsing preferred? Thanks so much!

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  1. What part of Westchester?

    1. anywhere in the county (I live in White Plains)

      1. How about Slave to the Grind in Bronxville?

        1. Cafe Mozart on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck

          1. I was going to say cafe mozart and I see it has been said. I agree!

            1. I agree on Cafe Mozart. You can at least, if you don't want to feed an overpriced meter, park in a residential area so you can sit and relax. Same with Rye and Larchmont -- I imagine they have cafes there?

              Sad to say, there is nothing comparable in New Rochelle the ghost town and nothing in White Plains, town of the parking police.

              1. I agree with Cafe Mozart. There is also a Patisserie in Rye - toward the end of Purchase near where Purdy crosses - can't recall the name - that I've been wanting to try and looks like the kind of place you are seeking. In Larchmont, Stanz on Chatsworth has about 10 tables and some really nice baked goods - good breakfast and lunch too. Also, the bakery on Chatsworth - Bradley's - has about six tables and lots of very yummy desserts.

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                  It's Patisserie Salzberg. Excellent coffee and pastries, also great sandwiches, and quiches.

                2. There is also a tea house on Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck, right near Chatsworth Auction house, that fits the bill. It's a lot quieter than the tea house in Tarrytown and the desserts are nice, seating comfortable.

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                    Oh yes, I like that one too. Love the couches.

                  2. Oh my goodness, I forgot La Renaissance in Larchmont! Tied with Kneaded Bread for THE best almond croissants in America (okay, in Westchester) and it has quite a few tables. Not right on the main street, but a very nice atmosphere all the same.

                    Duh, Kneaded Bread has a few tables too -- and their Ring Ding cakes are outstanding, as are their donuts and the aforementioned almond croissants.

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                      Dolores, I haven't had anything in Kneaded Bread that wasn't absolutely scrumptious. That's why I have to stay away! : ) But, I would say that although there are a few tables, it's not a cozy place to hang out and chat in. Wouldn't you agree? By the way, some day get there in the am and get a lemon poppy muffin while still warm, it's beyond muffindom.

                    2. You're right, laylag, I was thinking about that after I wrote it. No, they are not cosy and I don't even like their setup in placing and getting one's order. To me, it seems rushed.

                      Oh, and I take back my previous recommendation for The Bread Factory over Kneaded Bread. After I had chosen a dozen rolls, the clerk proceeded to count them. Is this BAU these days? When I expressed my dismay, it was Gina Marie all over again. What HAS happened to the 'customer is always right'? When did surly replace the friendly smile?

                      Anywho, I will have to stick with La Renaissance for comfy and Cafe Mozart for people-watching. And thanks, I'll have to try one of those muffins.

                      1. Jean Jacques in Pleasantville...

                        1. Another vote for Cafe Mozart. Their deserts are very tasty and their french press coffee is some of the best around. I love one of their Brazilian coffees.