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Feb 14, 2007 10:03 AM

Anybody going out tonight?

We aren't really Valentine's Day people, but we are doing the special Barley John's dinner tonight on a whim. Anyone else braving the crowds?

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  1. If my wife is feeling better, we've got a rez at Muffuletta in St. Paul.

    1. Not here in Vermont. 24" or more of snow, 3 degrees, and 30 mph winds. Many places already called it a day at noon !

      1. We did have reservations at Cosmos but I have so much work to do I just couldn't deal with the pressure of getting it all done in time for a fancy dinner. Instead, husband has decided he's going to get us nice cheeses from Surdyk's, he wants wings from Runyun's, and I want sushi (what else? ;). I will hopefully get out of work at 7 and we'll have a nice little picnic at home.

        1. We went to Malibu Grill here in Bloomington, IN. We always eat out on Wednesday because of my teaching schedule. The meal was good, as usual, but the restaurant was very crowded. Service was good, though.

          1. We're staying in! Cooking a mean chicken cacciatore with pasta and a salad. Champagne and chocolates later. mmmmmmmmm