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Feb 14, 2007 09:44 AM

cool food of the month subscriptions?

Looking for top quality food of the month type things ... something good as a wedding gift. Cheese, exotic fruit, chocolates, that sort of thing ... no booze, they don't drink. Quality stuff, nothing mundane ... Ideas?

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  1. best present ever: Bacon of the Month Club from Truly, the bacon was amazing and it made me sooo happy to get a fresh box each month.

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      Wow, you rock! That's fantastic :D Thanks!

    2. my sister got chocolate of the month from the company "vosque" ( SP?) it cost $500!!!
      i guess its really, really quality stuff though. she showed me the catalog and it looks absolutely to die for...tasty & different. i can get exact name if you need. they also have 3, 6, or 9 months too if you dont want to spend an arm & leg!

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          yes, thats how you spell it! thanks :)

      1. Murray's Cheese has a cheese of the month club - I've not used it b/c I live in NYC - probably go there 2-3 times a month - wonderful cheeses and I would expect that they do a good job w/ shipping etc.

        1. I'm sure I saw a pizza-of-the-month club somewhere... I'd love that.

          1. Depending how much you're looking to spend, you could do a "Cooking Club of the Month" thing, where you figure out a local place that has cooking classes, and pay for a certain number of months, and allow the couple to choose their topics.

            I forget where but someone sent my mom an olive oil club thing, which she absolutely loved.

            Caviar of the Month if you went to shell out $$$

            Hickory Farms does a "gourmet basket" of the month.

            iGourmet does a Conneisseur's Club which features different gourmet items from different countries of origins.

            Of course, if they're not "cleaners," you could pay for a monthly visit from a maid service for however long you'd like... Or laundry delivery...