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Feb 14, 2007 09:44 AM

Suggestions for 5 days in HK...

I'll be in HK with my wife for 5 days. I'm thinking about what to eat...
We're not very picky (like seafood, steak, etc.) but our budget will be limited so I'm looking at a nice but modest lunch ($150-200 hk for both) somewhere on one of the days, a nice dinner ($500-600 hk for both) for our final evening, afternoon tea at the peninsula (anyone know the cost?) and some cheap and cheerful meals ($50-100 hk for both) the rest of the time.

Any suggestions?

One other idea is to... please don't laugh, but I'm curious if the dim sum is any good at the Jumbo floating resto? anyone been? aside from the food, was it an interesting experience?

Hotel buffets? Top picks and price range?


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  1. I'm a big fan of hotel buffets. Here are a few of my favorites:

    JW Marriott in Admirality--has seafood, sushi, chicken, prime rib (price was just under $200 for lunch last year and dinner may be around $300 HK) I recently saw an article that there were serving fois grais and cavier for Sunday brunch for $400 or something like that. You might want to call.

    Wanchai Convention Center--when I went, they had an incredible seafood selection and just had a huge variety (I believe dinner is in the $300 range).

    Shangra-La in Tsim Tsai Tsui--I believe similar prices to above

    There are also a few 3 star hotels that serve decent buffets at a much lower price. The quality is not as great, but there are usually good selections also.

    You might want to try Maxim Fast Food or Cafe Coral fast food. They have a good variety of decent Chinese food for really cheap. It would cost maybe $30 or less per person. But, I think their menus are all in Chinese, so it would not be a good place to go if you don't read or speak Chinese. I don't think their staff speaks English either.

    Honestly, $50 to $100 for 2 would be hard to find unless you speak Cantonese, can read Chinese, and go to local places. $500-$600 in Hong Kong probably won't get you too fancy of a dinner either.

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      "Honestly, $50 to $100 for 2 would be hard to find unless you speak Cantonese, can read Chinese, and go to local places. $500-$600 in Hong Kong probably won't get you too fancy of a dinner either." WHills.

      heh, chowhounds seek out these kinds of places and try our best. pointing, smelling, looking, drooling, hehe. there are three noodle shops across from the big shopping/restaurant center near the kowloon/hong kong ferry pier. my; wife had the pigs feet noodle soup and i had the duck web feet noodle soup. yummy man!

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        Probably also still plenty of stinky tofu vendors around, plus takeaway windows selling all manner of baozi, bingzi and so on. You are right, where there's a will there's a way. For a different kind of an exerience, I'd suggest finding a good-sized Cafe de Coral for the HK take on Western cafeteria style. Just point at the picture of the set meal of your choice on the wall near the cashier. The CdC on Jordan Road just off Nathan Road was my per-diem saver in HK.

    2. Afternoon tea at the Pennisula Lobby is HK $180-$220 according to Frommers.


      1. Hi all,

        Thanks for your suggestions. I do appreciate them.
        I guess I might have to adjust our meal budget a bit.