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Feb 14, 2007 09:39 AM

about White Sweet Potatoes...

I made a soup (maybe it was a stew) last night with white sweet potatoes and I was blown away by how SWEET it was. It was very basic - red onion, carrot, veg stock - red chard and some spices includling cayenne. It tasted like I had added 1/2 cup of sugar.

How would you compensate for that? Do I add an acid? One recipe I looked at suggested orange juice (not much) but wouldn't that make it sweeter? I couldn't think of a way to deal with this.

What an unusual potato!

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  1. Carrots and red onion have a fair amount of sugar too, so don't forget those sources of sweetness.

    A good squeeze of lemon juice might cut some of the sweetness. How about a slosh of good vinegar-- red wine, sherry, even balsamic-- at the very end of cooking?

    Actually, this weekend I baked a garlic and citrus chicken (inspired by Giada de Laurentiis) and put sweet potatoes and carrots (and brown onion) to bake in the pan (with vegetable broth); the potatoes' sweetness was not at all cloying, given a quarter-bottle of chardonnay and fresh oregano ended up in the broth as well. The lemon and orange juice did add enough acid to counterbalance the sweet vegetables, as well as the wine. Everything ended up mellow and savory.

    1. whoa no way....I always thought the other way around - the halloween-colored beauregards are pretty sweet.

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      1. I am wondering if the white sweet potatos you used are the japanese variety. I like those steamed or roasted and eaten during the winter months (for its sweetness). Its a memorable childhood snack for me. I would never think of using them in a savoury application, because they are so sweet.

        1. I believe she is referring the the Caribbean "bonaito(sp)" variety- pale skin, tan flesh. These are delicious.

          The Japanese is definitely sweeter - some ppl say remeniscent of chestnuts?

          Bitsubeats - have you ever tried that korean sweet potato chip shaped like a crinkle cut fry and sprikled w/ black sesame? They're addicting!

          1. I was actually looking for regular old sweet potatoes (halloween colored as above) and only found Yams BUT a separate bin was marked "White Sweets" and they looked just like a sweet potato, only white. Different texture too. Not quite as creamy.

            My fear about sloshing in acids is that I always think it will alter the flavour. Maybe vinegar is safest. or lemon.