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Feb 14, 2007 09:34 AM

No self-respecting hound would go out to dinner tonight - what's on your home-cooked menu?

I like the idea of cooking together at home, notwithstanding today’s great article in the times

What’s everyone else serving up?

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  1. I'll be cooking dinner for my husband - pan seared filet mignon with a simple wine sauce, over a bed of arugula with herb roasted fingerling potatoes. Various filled chocolates (dark for me, milk for him) and Veuve Clicquot as desert. I don't think I'll be doing an appetizer - we could use cutting back on some calories :-) I'd rather waste them on the chocolate!

    Simple, not too filling and more important (for me) quick and easy to cook after a long day of working.

    What about you chowcito?

    Oh and BTW, I do all the cooking - he can't cook for his life :-)

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    1. re: sivyaleah

      Sounds great - I'm a sucker for a good filet (hot and fast!).

      Thinking about a pancetta wrapped branzino in the skillet - with some crispy brussel sprouts and walnuts (little sea salt, honey and crème fraiche on top)

      Will check out the local grocer to see what kind of oysters are in for an appetizer.

      For dessert we're suckers for bananas - so maybe a bananas foster?

      Still debating the wine options. . .

      1. re: chowcito

        That branzino sounds amazing. Wish my husband ate seafood :-(

        1. re: chowcito

          I already posted this in another thread but I'm still developing it...

          Herbed Chicken Saltimbocca w/ spinach, prosciutto & parmesan in a white wine lemon sauce
          Mesclun salad w/ pear & goat cheese & champagne vinaigrette
          Strawberries & chocolate zabaglione
          Marques de Gelida Cava: Brut 2001

          ...maybe a wild rice on the side, or basmati?

      2. Doing fondue.

        One white wine with peppercorns/garlic/bayleaf for the meats to cook in (steak and chicken tonight)

        One classic cheese with a champagne/lemon/garlic for the crunchy bread.

        Fabulous (christmas gift from brother) red wine to drink.

        Perfect in its simplicity and romance.

        Lucky us, we got a cold snap (nothing like up north, but it'll do) so we can light a fire as well.

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        1. re: amysuehere

          Our fireplace is in our (finished) basement - maybe we'll move our meal down there. Thanks for the idea :-)

        2. Well, that's a rather depressing article! I think I hate that man in the first story! :-)

          We're keeping it really simple tonight: I made mushroom pate (thanks Ruth Lafler) and a dried fig, cherry, and prune compote last night to go with crostini, assorted goat cheeses from British Columbia and whatever cheeses my husband decides he thinks he needs at Dean & Deluca today, salami, Late Harvest Reisling also from BC, and chocolate risotto pudding. We don't usually get too into V-day, but have been looking for an excuse to try our cheese and wine from our honeymoon!

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          1. re: Katie Nell

            We don't do V-day, but this menu makes me want to reconsider. Can you share the chocolate risotto pudding recipe?

            1. re: debbiel

              I actually posted it here: I've never made it before, so we shall see tonight!

              1. re: Katie Nell

                Thanks Katie. That looks great. I'll try it this weekend.

          2. Cooking dinner for my girlfriend...steak au poivre, roasted asparagus, chocolate souffles; all easy, all delicious! Bottle of tempranillo for dinner and Yellow Label with dessert...anyone have any Barry White to loan me? (joking)

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            1. re: azhotdish

              I do... love Barry! Would you like a little Marvin Gaye on the side too?! ;-)

              1. re: azhotdish

                Here's a pic of the steak au poivre (used 6oz prime filet) and roasted asparagus. I was in too big of a rush to serve the amaretto-chocolate souffles to get a pic (too bad, they turned out great). Skipped the champagne and decided on a 04 Tobin James late harvest zin...what a great choice, it was delicious! I was very happy with the meal, and my girlfriend loved it.

              2. I usually cook but tonite I'm going to the gym post-work and I'll find out what's for dinner when I get home!