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First meal - near Penn Station

We arrive in town tomorrow and are staying in the Penn Station area. Any suggestions for a tasty, place to eat in that general area. Inexpensive or moderately priced; open to any cuisine.

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  1. Koreatown is close by. Kum Gang San is a good one to go too. Shilla is also recommended.

    brgr (casual burger place) is close to Penn Station as well.

    1. Is this lunch or dinner? In either case, Keens would be my pick. If it's lunch, I'd opt for the cozy Pub Room. For dinner, the main dining room. Delicious food and unmatchable old NY ambiance.


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        I like Keens, but the dining room is not inexpensive or moderate. The pub can be. ($13.50 for a great burger and fries, for example, counts as moderate in my book.) Take a look at the menu in the link RGR provided.

      2. definitely keens...order the steak tartare for lunch or the porterhouse for 2 for dinner...incredible scotch list.

        1. Low priced options.

          Korean: sul lang tang at Gammiok.
          Pizza: John's
          Burgers: Rare

          If you could specify price limits or food preference, I am sure you will get a lot more replies.

          1. We just wrote about Kunjip in Koreatown and really like it. For breakfast food, Tick-Tock Diner does great pancakes (not much else though). I'd also venture west to 9th Avenue for a trip to Market Café just north of 37th Street.


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            1. I also endorse Keen's and Koreatown, I also like Tracks in Penn Station itself. It's a bit deceiving because it does look like a hole in the wall and the clientèle tend to be loud (i.e. their cellphones are ingrown on their face) but Tracks has some of the best (unfortunately not a big variety) seafood I've tasted. Especially the oysters on the half.

              1. Korean Town is the best. For something different, I'd suggest Mandoo Bar, which specializes in Korean dumplings of all sorts. They're made fresh(you can watch them being made from the store front) and its jsut fun.

                There's also always Gray's Papaya for cheap quick hot dogs and mighty fine drinks.


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                  What do you like best at Mandoo Bar? I found my one meal there perfectly fine but unexciting.

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                    Their acorn noodles and seafood mandoo are both great. Much of the rest of their menu is just OK, not much more.


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                      Thanks. I'll try those someday.

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                        The dumplings w/Kimchee at Mandoo are great and unusual.