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Feb 14, 2007 09:07 AM

K Zo Sushi in Culver

I have been to this sushi place next to Trader Joe's in Culver a couple of times and have been amazed at the fantastic and fresh sushi selections here. Where did this place come from - anyone know who the head sushi chef is? Anyway it is a great place and not too outrageous on the pricing either.

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  1. I love this place, too. Try their lychee shochu- it's fabulous! Their food tastes great. Although it isn't the most affordable place, the price is relatively fair for the food, ambience, and service.

    1. I enjoyed a very nice dinner here a couple weeks ago. They have a large variety of very unusual & fresh fishes to choose from on the special menu. I understand the chef/owner came from Roku.....but this place is much much better. Even Irene gave it a good review!

      1. I dunno, we sat at the "sake bar"a few weeks ago and overall were underwhelmed. Plus, the ambiance at what is essentially a counter is totally off... :P


        1. We went there last night and were very disappointed. The atmosohere was loud and uninviting. It's probably their way of making the dinning adventure like a party, but I found the shouting of ready dishes and loud chants by the sushi chefs to be adolescent and annoying. Our sushi and sashimi choices were good however not up to par with other places we frequent like Sushi Karen. The wait staff tried very hard but it only came off as over-indulgent. My husband orderd a very nice chilled sake which the waitress tended to obsessively feel like she had to fill his glass each time she passed the table.

          1. My wife had lunch there not long after they opened and enjoyed it, favorably comparing to alot of the other second and third tier sushi places (Urasawa & Ginza Sushiko being top), but lunch is not dinner - especially at a sushi bar. It sounds like K Zo is still trying to find its center - a very difficult task for these Jekyll/Hydes of the restaurant world. Sounds like loyal customers need to make suggestions...