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Feb 14, 2007 09:01 AM

How to keep cheese in refrig from being moldy?

No matter how tight the ziplock bag I put the cheese into, some of them (cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese) still go moldy, why?????????

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  1. Unless you use one of those food-saver machines that shrink wrap cheese in order to get *all* the air out, they will get moldy. I have found that wrapping them in wax paper rather than plastic wrap helps to keep them fresh longer. Also, when the cheese starts to show mold, instead of immediately disgarding the entire chunk, I slice off the moldy portion to get to the untainted part and continue to use it.

    1. This has worked for me - put your cheese in a ziploc bag (doesn't have to be *exactly* ziploc brand) with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar. When you open the bag, you will get a whiff of vinegar, but the odor doesn't impart to the cheese. I read about this in a kitchen tips board, and it has always worked as-promised for me. In fact, when I feel like the smell of the vinegar has faded, I re-soak the paper towel.

      Also, you can cut off the moldy part of cheese and still eat it. That's what they say in the food network tips.

      1. they'll last a bit longer if wax papered or very tightly saran wrapped rather than baggied-- and yes, just try to buy smaller hunks of cheese and use them faster, and you can cut off the mold and eat the rest of the cheese anyway, the mold is natural, after all; naturally cultured cheese is just "off-milk and mold". be much more worried about the cheeses you keep for weeks that DON'T get moldy.

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          heh - i found a few individually wrapped slices of some american processed no-fat cheese lurking in the bottom of my bin and they have to have been there for 5-6 mos. a little hard around the edges, but no mold.

          ewwww. or i suppose yum if you're a starving college student. ;)

        2. I usually use saran wrap and then foil - I keep mine in the meat drawer (no meat there) and line the drawer with paper towels. Rarely have a problem..

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