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Feb 14, 2007 08:40 AM

Leftover flank steak

Last night I served marinated broiled flank steak, raosted carrots and pasta for dinner. The only thing leftover is the steak (about 1/2 lb.) Any ideas of how to use it for dinner tonight? Thanks.

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  1. I would use it in a green salad, served with some good crusty bread, for a lighter dinner.

    In fact, there's a Chow recipe for just such a salad:

    If that doesn't sound good, maybe make a sandwich with it?

    1. Or, depending on the marinade, tacos or fajitas? Frankly, I'd probably just eat it as is, standing in my kitchen, but you're probably more civilized than that.

      1. i recently used some leftover flank steak on a pizza. i used pizza dough that i bought in the grocery store because i'm lazy. i used chimichurri as the 'sauce' that i spread on the dough, then added a little mozz cheese and topped with slices of the flank steak. when it came out, i drizzled it with a little more of the chimichurri.

        1. cold steak salad are always a hit.i might use some sort of asian marinade with soy, honey ginger, sesame oil,rice vinegar, garlic, chives maybe a little fish oil etc. etc.. chopped kale or cabbage, bell pepper, daikon or other radishy thing. how's that...

          1. We frequently cook up flank steak for the sole purpose of leftovers as they are quite versatile. Our favorites are fajitas, steak sandwiches, or added to a romaine and bleu cheese salad.