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Feb 14, 2007 08:34 AM

Fave Restaurant on Olvera Street?

Me and the BF are taking a week off to catch up with (his) friends and family. First stop is LA. I'm not from there...I'm not from the West Coast! I hear even though it's a little on the cheeseball side the Mexi food is tasty. Have a fave restaurant on Olvera Street?

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  1. La Golondrina is a good choice. They have a tasty cochinito pibil. The building has a pretty great history as well.

    1. There's also Luz del Dia and they make awesome handmade tortillas and their prices are very reasonable. If you want to try Mexican Hot Chocolate, check out Casa de Sousa which is actually next door to La Golondrina. For taquitos, Cielito Lindo is the only place to go. :) Happy Eating!

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        I LOVE Luz del Dia, def. my favorite stop on Olvera St. But it's more of Luncheonette thing than a real restaurant and I think it keeps shorter hours than la Golondrina. Plus La Golondrina has decent and HUGE margaritas. :)


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          Is Casa de Sousa the one across the way from La Golondrina? Whatever it's called, they have a huge covered outdoor dining area, and I had an excellent lunch there one rainy day, on noon break from jury duty. Nothing spectacular, just good food, no doubt helped along by being out in the rain-washed fresh air.

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            Casa de Sousa is actually a coffeehouse and is right next door to La Golondrina. You have to walk up stairs to get inside.

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            I must be fussy. This is some of the worst tasting Mexican food I have ever had. Blech. Yea, it's cheap but you get what you pay for.

          3. Not really a restuarant, but an important stop nonetheless: Mr. Churro. They have delicious churros, and last time I was there they offered to make them fresh for me. Amazing! chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside with the sugar melting in front of my eyes...mmmm.... No trip to Olvera Street is complete without one

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              God bless Mr. Churro!!! The sit down restaurants are decent but I think the more authentic Mex chow are the little shops along the Alameda side of the street.

            2. The taquitos stand at the northern end of the street.

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                Yes, Cielito Lindo. The best taquitos I know of. I've been eating them for more than 40 years!

              2. Isn't there a little place at the far end (north I think), where they hose it down to clean it? Seriously, it looked all wet in there one time, and it's all tile and plastic, so very do-able... :)

                I love those margaritas at La Golondrina, but the food is just ok.