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Feb 14, 2007 08:14 AM

Frozen Fish at Trader Joes

As anyone tried any frozen seafood offered at Trader Joes? I simply cannot find a decent store here were I live that offers fish or seafood that doesn't look awful.

I've treid scallops and lobster at Costco, those were good, but never tried any of the many choices of frozen fish Trader Joes has.

Can you help me? I'm headed over there in about 2 hours and will stop at Trader Joes, so if anyone sees this before I go I will really appreciate you advice!!!

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  1. I like the Cod and Salmon. MAke sure that the pack is vacumed tight and it will be good.

    1. They have some stuffed fish (flounder or cod?) that we've had in the past for a quick weeknight dinner and it was tasty. I've also had several of their marinated fish fillets (mahi mahi and salmon I think) and they were tasty as well. We have a terrific fish market in my town, so I tend to buy the most from there but I keep the Trader's Joe stuff in the freezer for quick dinners.

      1. I second the previous comments...fresh is of course better, but since you can't get it, trader joes vacuum packed frozen is a fine alternative and great for keeping in the freezer for quick weeknight dinners. I haven't run across any variaties that have been bad, but I haven't tried everything I'm sure.

        So I say, go for it and pick some up. It's certainly better than no fish at all or shelling out big bucks for not so great fish.

        1. The salmon is quite acceptable if you just cook it briefly in a covered pan with teriayaki (TJ's). Sometimes the tilapia is wonderful but every once in a while I've had a bite that tasted slightly musty. But you should try it. it fries up so beautifully and easily when you flour it with seasoned flour. The jumbo tail-on shrimp at $8# is a fantastic bargain. It's perfect. I like to make (boil) Asian rice stick noodles and stir fry some Asian greens and scallions & garlic. Add the shrimp which you just soak in hot water a few minutes to defrost, drain the noodle and, mix in some Asian fish sauce (a staple - does not taste fishy at all) and some sesame oil & soy sauce & a bit of sugar and hot pep. for a fantastic dry noodle dish, or mix the preceeding with chicken broth for a fantastic soup. Another good fish at TJ's - the dover sole. Just cook very briefly - which is true of all fish. (LOL)

          1. Also look in the refrigerated section - the vacuum-packed salmon there, when they have it, is pretty good (better than the frozen).