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Feb 14, 2007 08:12 AM

Lunch specials - Mira Mesa (San Diego)

I work in Mira Mesa and would love to hear any suggestions you have for lunch specials. The only place I really like near me is Spices Thai.


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  1. You might try Punjabi Tandoor. I has only a few tables but very good Indian food. They are quite inconsistent but on those days when they are good you get some of very good indian food for SD.

    1. There's a good pho place on Mira Mesa Blvd. It's east of the 15, going up the hill towards Scripps Ranch. Forgot the name, but used to eat there all the time.

      There's also a cool little sandwich shop called Chez Nous. It's on Carroll Canyon Rd, just east of the 15, in the shopping center with Carl's Jr. They make pretty tasty, and unusual, sandwiches. Def. try the chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies.

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      1. re: Josh

        Bolsa is a great pho restaurant on Mira Mesa, but west of I15, on the south side of the street. And a new chinese place just opened next door.
        And there's a boba place in the same center. You could stay there all day.

        1. re: Josh

          I think its Pho Hoa Hiep. I've never tried it. Da Kitchen is a good plate lunch place next to Chez Nous.

          1. re: Josh

            Pho Hoa Hiep is about the best broth and freshest greens, that I find anywhere in SD or along Mira Mesa Blvd.
            If you get off the I-15 FWY at Mira Mesa Blvd, go East and make a legal U-turn and enter the 2nd driveway or even the third, when you will see a Denny's.
            It is a large and CLEAN place with attentive service. I noticed a lot more activity there in the last few weeks. Never a disappointment compared to the other Pho shops further West.

            1. re: nutrition

              They've been having this deal that is, buy 1 bowl of pho noodles & get the 2nd bowl half off. Really good pho. We started going here because Pho Hoa Cali was always too busy... and we haven't stopped going.

              1. re: tiffany

                they used to have buy one get one free.

                but the large is about 6.50$ which is a lil bit more than your standard bowl of large pho.

                and their serving portions are significantly smaller, i could eat two large bowls easily (i will not lie i love pho)


              2. re: nutrition

                you've tried Lucky Pho at Lucky Seafood? That's been my favorite, but I actually live closer to Pho Hoa Hiep. I've always been scared to be disappointed when I've felt like pho by going there. I'll have to give it a try.

                1. re: daimyo

                  Lucky Pho is good, but i think Pho Hao Cali across the street is even better =)

              3. re: Josh

                It is named Pho Hoa Hiep on Mira Mesa Blvd, that you are referring to.
                I find it to be consistently better, then Lucky or Cali!

                1. re: Josh

                  Unfortunately, PHO HOA HIEP closed that location about a year ago.
                  It was the best of all the Pho shops anywhere along Mira Mesa Blvd.
                  You mighttry their La Mesa location, if you get withdrawals.
                  They had the best broth of any Pho shop and a well sized portion of rare steak to go with it. Even the Basil was the freshest of all.

                  I miss it terribly, but the location did not permit a lot of visibility or traffic like one would find in a larger mall.

                  1. re: nutrition

                    La Mesa location?

                    I know of the one on Linda Vista and Ulrich. Behind the McDonald's.

                2. Along the lines of good sandwich places is C's Ice Cream and Deli, on Mira Mesa, just on the east side of the 15.

                  They have good cold and hot sandwiches, along with many different root beers and interesting sodas and chips. I went there often when I worked in Scripps Ranch and I miss them now that I'm farther away.

                  1. Awesome, thanks for the suggestions everyone.

                    1. If you go north on Pacific Heights from Mira Mesa Bl there's a little strip mall. There's a chinese, mexican, greek, and a store with a deli. I've only eaten at the deli, but maybe something else might be good there and you'll have a few more options. I used to get the teriyaki beef plate at the deli. I thought it was a pretty good deal for the price.