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Feb 14, 2007 08:00 AM

Looking for a good NY caterer who won't break the bank

I have to give a small buffet lunch (post-funeral) for a group of 50 or fewer, in a private NY home. Am looking for a caterer who's less well-known than the major players, and also less expensive--but whose food is nonetheless up to Chowhound standards. Any cuisine is ok, though it probably shouldn't be overly spicy as elderly people will be there...I'll be grateful for any suggestions!

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  1. Clementine. She's based in Brooklyn and is great. If you google Clementine Catering, brooklyn, New York you should find a her name and contact number. Enjoy.

    1. We recently had an excellent experience with a chow-worthy restaurant based in deep Brooklyn, who catered a corporate party for us in Manhattan for 100+. They did high-quality pass-around hors d'oeuvres -- steak, seared tuna, duck confit, really good stuff. They're called The Farm on Adderley. Priced same or less than the Manhattan caterers.

      1. Try they are awesome and very well priced i ve used them a number of times!

          1. You should definitel go with Cobblestone foods. They do an amazing job. Jeremy Walchalter is the owner/chef and used to be a sous chef at The Modern and previously worked at Town. His food is amazing and he will make a custom menu for you...he does all types of foods, from casual to fancy. Good luck!