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Feb 14, 2007 07:57 AM

Wedding reception with great food?

Well, I bit the bullet and I'm now engaged. It's only been a week and the little woman and her mom have been planning non-stop. Her family is Italian and their #1 criteria for a reception is that the food is excellent. My fiance also wants good food, but ambiance is equally important to her. We will probably have somewhere around 275 people. Anybody have any experiences with places that can accommodate this amount of people and still serve great food? I'm not sure what the budget is, so all ideas are welcome.

Also, somewhat closer to Boston / Newton is a plus since there will be some older people coming who may not want to travel too far, but again, we are flexible.

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  1. That number eliminates a lot of places. Unfortunately, I think you'll find that its mostly the big hotels that can accommodate a group of that size. (When I got married in 1998, we ended up getting married in Lenox because we couldn't find a decent place, other than the big hotels, that could accommodate 200+ people.)

    If you've got the budget, go for the Four Seasons Hotel!

    1. I had my wedding reception at the Four Seasons, they can certainly take care of any and all needs, but you pay, as you know. Anyway, they were very open to our suggestions for menu items, did all we asked and more, and were generally great to work with.

      1. I got married last July at the Boston Harbor Hotel, to an Italian-American man with a very large extended Italian-Italian family and group of friends. The food was great (as was everything else) and the Italians loved the food-- especially the pasta, which, as you may know, is usually impossible! Anyway, I think they can hold up to 300 people.

        1. I got married (7 years ago) at the Hampshire House and the food was fantastic. My very demanding Italian family said it was the best food they'd ever had at a wedding. I know the room we were in wouldn't accommodate that many people, but maybe the second floor is bigger?

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            I also got married at the Hampshire House 3 years ago. The food was fabulous. So much we may get married there again. The second floor I think can hold 200. But you can check their website for details.

          2. I got married July 2005 at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge. People still tell me it was the best food they have had at a wedding and we loved it. They don't do cakes though (or they didn't used to so you'll need an outside bakery.