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Feb 14, 2007 07:54 AM

PHX - looking for bagels on the west side...

any good bagel shops (no einstein's please! love the cream cheese/hate the bagels) in peoria or glendale area? my favorite bagel shop is kokobelli bagel cafe at power and southern which is nowhere near my home or office. =/ thanks!

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  1. Don't know anything about this place...except that it is on the west side:

    Hot Bagels & Deli
    Tel: (623) 556-8108
    13706 West Bell Road
    Surprise, AZ 85374

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    1. re: ciaogal

      There's another place called Hot Bagels near 59th ave and the 101, but they are definitely different. The Surprise place has bagels with a very handformed look, a medium light crumb and a little crispiness... I think they may not boil them, or at least not for long, because the crust is fairly thin. I liked it, but one wouldn't if they're looking for a dense bagel. The place at 59th is a denser, more basic bagel with great NY "charm" (indifference). FYI, I've been travelling all over the valley comparing bagels, and have a report to post soon. I'm at 20.

      1. re: amkirkland

        ooo i hope you went to kokobelli! thanks for the info.

        1. re: abbefaith

          I haven't, but i will. I've become AMAZED at how many bagel places there are... they just keep popping up... I feel like I'm playing a huge game of whack-a-mole.

          1. re: amkirkland

            ahh you need to! i've been wanting to try that one on southern and mclintock.. i think it's called back east bagels?

            1. re: abbefaith

              The most distinctive thing I found their was that they seemed to have been boiled in fairly alkalized water, so they had a pretzel-like quality to them. Plus, I think they used more malt in the dough, because there was a flavor to them that wasn't plain sweetness, and it wasn't dough development either. I'm always afraid of recommending a bagel because inevitably there's someone who thinks that such and such bagel is a blasphemy. Most of the bagels around the valley are medium-dense at best, but between you and me, i like them airy-er as long as they maintain their structure, which certain unmentionable chains are unable to accomplish. If I remember correctly, Back East had pretty good deals on their bagel sandwiches (another supposed heresy) and probably the cheapest bagel and lox deal. And seriously, who doesn't love a bagel and lox?

        2. re: amkirkland

          Both Hot Bagel places are owned by the same family. The are brothers. they also own the Italian place called Tre Fratelli on 83rd ave.
          They do boil the bagels at least at the 59th st. store. Worth a visit.

          1. re: arizonagirl

            Thanks for the info. I'm pretty surprised because they seemed quite different, but i enjoyed them both.

        3. re: ciaogal

          I checked out Hot Bagels & Deli a couple of weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised. They are on the pointy NW corner of the nightmare that is the intersection of Bell and Grand. I think there is a Home Depot in this area. I know there is a Rubio's. The bagel shop is much closer to the corner of the intersection. I was really hungry when I was trying to find this place, and I get cranky just thinking about it.

        4. I have gotten good bagels at Heidi's on 83rd Ave & Thunderbird, but be warned that it is hit and miss. Some days they are fresh as can be, and other days I think they are the leftovers from the day before...but when they are fresh, they are really good.

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          1. re: Jeepgirl

            funny i was JUST there for lunch today and asking them if they had any flavored cream cheese (NO). did you know that wednesday is free cookie day? i'm gonna check out their bagels!

          2. I don't know about all Chompie's locations, but 32nd St. and Greenway is tops. They have about 12-varieties of cheese ready-to-spread inside their deli-case. They're the closest to the bagels I used to get at several family-run places when I lived in S. Fl. Like bialys? They got 'em.

            1. Hot Bagels at 59th and Beardsley is GREAT. My co-worker brings in a bunch on Fridays every other month. They always disappear in no time flat. Delish!

              1. I think there is a place in Surprise called WOW Bagels. Someone told me that Kokobelli's supplies them with their bagels, but I agree - Kokobelli's are the best Bagels!

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                1. re: goldmantx

                  WOW (Way Out West) is actually in Litchfield Park, on Dysart & Camelback.

                  There's a NY style bagel place to the south, too, west of Dysart on Van Buren.

                  1. re: themis

                    That's Big Apple Bagels. Even though they have a chain feel, They're better than WOW. IMO WOW has a decent, but unremarkable bagel, but I'm pretty certain they're baked there.