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Palm Springs for a long weekend

Hi there --

I'm taking a long weekend in Palm Springs and need some tasty suggestions. I've browsed through old posts but there is not much there; I'm hoping chowhounders will come to my rescue.

I'll also be bringing my Russian-New Yorker parents so exposing them to some CA food that's delicious and not spicy (can't push them too far) will be especially appreciated.


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  1. I've been twice this year to Zin American Bistro (www.zinamericanbistro.com) - it's nothing new or very "California," but everything we've had has been wonderful from the main menu as well as the chef's seasonal selections.

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      My vote is for Zin. Great food. Husband is the chef, wife runs the front of the house. Can't go wrong.

    2. We like edguardos, killer margeritas! Not everything is spicy!

      1. Cool; thanks. Anyone else have tips?

        1. I like Zin also. Had wonderful swordfish there tonight! Edguardo's is the best authentic Mexican IMO. Copley's is good American/Fusian. St James has a fun atmosphere and Thai flavor to the menu. Stay away from Kaiser Grill- tourist trap. Enjoy

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            I don't like Edguardo's. El Mirasol for more upscale Mexican or El Gallito in Cathedral City for authentic Mexican are better in my opinion.

          2. My father can't have anything spicy; are the folks at these Mexican restaurants you mentioned sensitive to that?

            1. We went to Zin's. Twice. it was fabulous. The burger was great. The fried chicken was fabulous. The macaroni and cheese was too cheesey (did I just say that? But yes.)

              1. We went to Vicky's over the weekend in Indian Wells. It has limited menu, steaks, chops, fried shrimp. I had the Blue Cheese Burger and my wife had the Chicken Pot Pie. Both were very good. I would like to have the Pot Pie next time.

                After dinner we retired to the bar, where the have a grand piano and a Juilard Graduate who entertains on the weekends.

                1. Going to Keedys and having a Keedy Burger with fries and a shake is a staple of Palm Desert. The last time I was there they were still made as Mr Keedy did. Safest bet is to order one shake and split it. Large and served with the stainless steel container they make it in.