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Feb 14, 2007 07:14 AM

Greatest White Wine Value

I'm interested to see how many fellow hounds feel as I do that Rieslings (especially German and those from Alsace) represent the best value in white wines. Some of the German Spatlese level wines we have had for under $30 are simply amazing. Thoughts ?

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  1. kim crawford sauvignon blanc. in recent years, consistently great whites regardless of vintage for $15. most s.b's from marlborough are fantastic nowadays, $10-15.

    i haven't opened any of my recent purchase of 2005 rieslings yet.

    1. I'm definitely with you. I've been such a fan of some of the Dr. Loosens under $20 that I will cook around the wine. Though I've been eager to try some of the Spanish whites that have been coming out under $15. They've had some excellent reviews.

      1. It is interesting when people dismiss Rieslings as too sweet. I personally like that upfront stonetropical fruit but find the well made versions have such a clean refreshing fininsh that they are a lot less cloying than most other whites.

        1. Alsatian wines in general are frequently incredible values, and their Rieslings are stunning.

          1. I've been enjoying well priced Albariños from Rias Baixas lately. Really wonderful aromatic wines.

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              Very delicious indeed! Have you tried the cross-border versions? There is a sub-appellation of the Portuguese Vinho Verde region that produces pure Alvarhino wines (Alvarhino being the Portuguese spelling of Albariño). These are well-worth seeking out and a world apart from the typical Vinho Verde.

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                Yes, especially the "higher end" Albariños (still around $20) are aromatic, complex, delicious. Try Agro de Bazan Granbazan Ambar, for instance.