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Feb 14, 2007 07:09 AM

Silver Grill in Atlanta is closed - ISO good chicken fried steak

I have to satisfy my chicken fried/country fried steak cravings every so often and I'm at a loss now. I know there are some decent places in the downtown area, but if I'm on my way to or from work and want to stop somewhere in the Midtown/Atlantic Station area, I can't think of where to go. Silver Skillet (but it closes in the afternoon)? Colonnade? I tried Landmark Diner, Jr. and it was not the real thing...any ideas??

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  1. is silver grill reopening. throught i saw some work being done and a new sign

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    1. re: sadie1

      Oooh, I hope so - I drive by there all the time, but haven't noticed - will look next time. I still am on my quest though - yesterday tried Bobby & Junes - not bad, but not the real thing - I just can't believe that it is that hard to find a real piece of cube steak and cream gravy inside the perimeter (part of my dilemma is that I'm seeking in the breakfast hours, but c'mon y'all! This is the south!)

      1. re: atlantanative

        Can't think of any restaurant in that area that would serve it. I have had to make my own.

      2. re: sadie1

        I undertand from the guys at Sig Samuels (the legendary dry cleaners next door) that the Silver Grill is indeed reopening, with many of the original servers/cooks, but different owners.

        1. re: alonzo

          that's great news ...looks like the place is being cleaned up

      3. I realize it's a little farther up 75, but OK Cafe off Northside Parkway/Paces Ferry has chicken fried steak with milk gravy and two sides. It's not the best I've had (that was in SC), but it's good to very good depending on who's cooking that day.

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        1. re: boyleschris

          And the best CFS you had in South Carolina was where?

          I can make my own, but my own is a bland imitation of east Texas chicken fried steak. And I hunger for the real thing.

          1. re: shallots

            Shallots, it was at a dive outside of Charleston called the Sewee. The dining room is in an old general store and the bathrooms are out back in a separate building. The decor is really nothing more than the kitchen's ingredients on the old store's shelves. The breading on the steak was flavorful and crispy, not soggy like you get in a lot of places. And the milk gravy tasted like it had been made by someone's grandma (with love). I ate every single morsel of the steak and sopped up every piece of gravy with my bread. It's the only time I can ever recall sending a plate back to the kitchen that clean. If you're interested in trying it for yourself, head out Highway 17 away from Charleston/Mt. Pleasant. It'll be on the left several miles past the last bit of "civilization" you see. A word of warning though, I dined there 6 years ago so I can't guarantee they can offer the same quality today.

            1. re: boyleschris

              Thanks so much. Your description makes my mouth water. And we usually wander down to Charleston once or twice a year.
              I've got a local place for sausage gravy, but only on biscuits. But for a real crisp's a long way to the piney woods.

        2. I don't know for sure if either offers chicken fried steak, but you might want to consider the Majestic (on Ponce) and Evan's Fine Foods (at N. Decatur and Clairmont).

          1. What's the deal with the Landmark Diner? I just drove by a new location in East Point/Hapeville on Virginia Ave. Living down there, is that a good option, especially with kids?

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            1. re: rcburli

              My experience with Landmark Diner in Buckhead has been mediocre food that's too expensive for what it is. I'm sure the same can be said about the other locations.

              1. re: boyleschris

                Landmark is terrible. Don't go, bad food, expensive prices, bad service. As you can tell, I am not a fan at all.

            2. The Silver Grill has now reopened. Prices are a shade higher, and they now have a marble counter and have been modernized a bit to reflect today's hip concept of retro (and to bring the old place up to code.)

              I had the chicken fried steak, with some cucumber salad and mashed potatoes and peach cobbler. It's like I remember, which means it is back to being an old fashioned meat and three with great iced tea. The chicken fried steak will likely satisfy your craving. Nothing is the best southern food I ever had, but all of it is like Momma used to make.

              Service was a little slow the night I was there (which was true of the old place, by the way). That's fine. Use the time to socialize with the waitstaff.

              The changes are they are now open on weekends and are trying to do breakfast.