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Feb 14, 2007 07:03 AM

Good Dinner in Woburn

We'll be in Woburn with two teenagers on Sunday and hope to find a decent dinner. It doesn't need to be fancy, just good chow. Does anyone have a favorite place in


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  1. Check out Gaetano's just over the line on Route 28 in Stoneham. It's owned by the former owner's of The European in the North End. They have lots of experience with a family-oriented place and the food is very good. Very reasonably priced also.

    1. Il Fiorentino is great and the decor is (last time I was there) quite funky that the teens will really get a kick. It's byob so if you want a drink, bring a bottle of wine.

      1. I've been hearing good things about The Restaurant and Tanner's Tavern, though I haven't been to either one. Both are located in Woburn Square. There's also kid friendly Pizzaria Uno at the Woburn Mall, Joe's American Bar and Grill and The 99's across the street. The Outback Steakhouse on Rt 3A (Woburn/Burlington line), Paparazzi (just north of there).

        1. Some of my recommendations:
          - Krazy Karry's has good burgers (on Winn St).
          - Kyotoya just over the line into Stoneham for really, really good sushi / Japanese.
          - Lanna Thai Diner or Pho #1 Woburn in N. Woburn for Thai or Vietnamese respectively.
          - Tudo Na Brasa, the new Brazilian barbecue place in Woburn Center, is quite good ime (it's the only place I've been to for Brazilian barbecue, though - but the people are really nice and the grilled pineapple is one of my favorite things); it's buffet / pay per plate and quite reasonable.

          The Restaurant is cafeteria style with Greek leanings and provides very large portions of pretty good food (nothing extremely special, but I liked the moussaka I got there - I'd basically term it nice and safe). The Thai and Japanese restaurants in Woburn Center are fine from what I remember, but I prefer the other ones listed above. If you want Chinese, there's Sichuan Garden II, in a restored mansion in N. Woburn (we also order from Fen Yang House, Sato II, and China Wok in the area, if you need another decent option).

          I've been to Gaetano's and wasn't impressed at all. And keep away from the chains if you can help it. :)

          Oh, one caveat - some places in Woburn are closed on Sunday.

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            Whoops, also forgot:

            There's a new shopping mall just off exit 33 on 95 (3 s) [the one with Borders and L.L. Bean] that has a pan-Asian cafe called Ginger Pad (I think it's a small chain). I like it because the ingredients seem fresh (lots of vegetables available) and the cooking style seems fairly healthy (e.g. their fried rice was not as heavy as most standard Chinese restaurant versions around here). It's a place where you order at the register and they bring the food to your table.

          2. Some of the hounds that have covered a lot of stuff in Woburn are Bob Geary and and I think Gini. There are some good recommendations in the thread, but I can mention a couple of others.

            If the kids like subs, there are a bunch in the center of Woburn -- look for one open sunday, but I like Santoro's. Also Bill and Bob's roast beef heading towards Winchester. Hot City Breads has some unusual pastries, but don't know if they are open on Sunday.

            Haven't tried, but want to: There have been good recs for Burlington Fish House and Grill which I have looked for on a couple of occasions, but missed.

            Something that might be good with the kids, but not 100% chowish is Ixtapa in the Center.

            For something more upscale there is Catch in Winchester I would give this an edge over Tre Monte. I think the Capitol Grille might also be open just over the Burlington line.