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Feb 14, 2007 06:52 AM

Ottawa - The Diner/Zuni Grill

Has anyone tried this place that went in on Richmond Rd in the old Amber Garden spot? Also, does anyone have any recent experiences to share about Zuni Grill on Greenbank?

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  1. Review in the Citizen was quite glowing, as I recall. Haven't been myself though.

    1. Zuni Grill on Greenbank Rd. would be my "neighbourhood " restaurant if I lived in the area. The menu is varied with lots of choices and the food is usually quite good and inexpensive. The service is excellent and you get the feel that the people there are regulars. I wish there were more restaurants like it around Ottawa

      1. I tried The Diner for breakfast between Xmas and New Year's. Pretty standard stuff, the special was well-executed and cheap but nothing stands out in my mind about it. Pretty nice interior, staff were young and inexperienced though - a lot of kids standing around, needing to be waved over for more coffee, etc. For my breakfast cash I'll hit the Elgin St. Diner or even the Ottawa Bagelshop next time.